Fresh into spring!



Together with the University of Amsterdam, we are going fresh into spring together! Actively working from April 15 to face the summer stronger and fitter, both physically and mentally.

Register for IkPas and put your alcohol consumption on pause for a month from 15 April.

From 12 to 17 April, the UVA is again organizing the Health Week. An initiative to make students more aware of 'health'. Within this week, attention will also be paid to alcohol.

It is especially important in this time to keep your condition and health in good condition. That is why alcohol use among students is a subject that we cannot ignore.

When you do not drink alcohol for a period of time, it is good for your overall health. You will find that you are much fitter, sleep better, lose excess pounds, save money and feel better mentally.

Are you a student and do you feel like a challenge? Sign up for 'Fresh into Spring' and put your alcohol consumption on a break together with other students. Even if you are no longer a student, or if you are studying at another educational institution, take up the challenge with us and register!


Join us and go fresh into spring!


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