Alcohol has become an integral part of Dutch society. Since the 1960s, alcohol consumption has tripled (from 2.6 liters to 7 liters of pure alcohol per Dutch person per year). And although the general opinion is that 'in recent years' alcohol consumption has been gradually decreasing, 3 out of 5 Dutch people still do not follow the advice of the Health Council; “Don't drink alcohol or at least no more than one glass a day.”

That is why the Positive Lifestyle Foundation developed the IkPas campaign; a clear and positive campaign that asks people to temporarily suspend their alcohol consumption. A campaign with results; participants' drinking frequency and alcohol consumption decreased significantly. Habitual behavior has been broken and participants have experienced for themselves what reduced alcohol consumption does for health. A wonderful result for a difficult social issue; we convinced consumers not to do something that they enjoyed (a little too much) in the past.

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