Woonzorgnet participates in IkPas

residential care network

Woonzorgnet supports people with a mental healthcare background in recovering within the participation process. We help them to maintain and/or obtain a living and living environment that they desire, in which they can participate from different roles and activities, in various places and with different people.

Are you participating in IkPas?! Together with colleagues, clients and the rest of the Netherlands, we are putting our alcohol consumption on a 30-day break in January 2022. You don't drink alcohol for a month to see what it does to you. You become more aware of the choice you can make whether or not to drink, you break through your entrenched patterns and alcohol is less obvious.

But those are not the only effects of participating with IkPas. Many participants also experience physical benefits. For example, 62% feels physically fitter, 55% sleeps better and 32% loses weight. Sounds good right? Register with the Woonzorgnet team today!

Woonzorgnet pays a lot of attention to promoting a healthy lifestyle focused on nutrition, exercise and substance use. Initiatives such as IkPas contribute to making this subject a topic for discussion and achieving set goals.

These companies also participate in IkPas

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