ROC Nijmegen participates in IkPas

ROC Nijmegen

From our partnership at We are green, healthy and on the move Nijmegen, everyone within ROC Nijmegen is again challenged this year to put alcohol consumption on a break for a month in January. This year there will be a battle between the municipalities at a national level: The city with the most participants who register for IkPas in proportion, wins the battle. Nijmegen naturally goes for a number 1 position!

The choice to drink alcohol should be a more conscious choice, where people know what the health effects are. The result is a decrease in alcohol consumption in all age groups. One of the interventions that help to make people more aware of their drinking is the annual organization of joint cessation of drinking during a certain period.

In January 2022, Nijmegen will put alcohol consumption on hold for another month.
Will you join us again?

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