OUR health yard participates in IkPas

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Also participate in “I-pass The Battle” of OUR health yard!
The health center of Oosterhout, Nijmegen-Noord and Slijk-Ewijk is participating in 'Ik Pas- The Battle'!
The care providers promote optimal health and well-being for the residents of our catchment area in close collaboration with you as a local resident and the nature in our area.

Why are we participating?
We want to create awareness for the consequences of alcohol consumption. Not drinking alcohol for a month is good for better health. Alcohol is a toxic substance that damages your body and mind. In addition, alcohol affects your organs and can cause various diseases. We hope to be able to reduce alcohol consumption in our neighborhoods and thus make our neighborhoods a bit healthier.

What can you expect when you participate?
Many participants experience positive effects after 'I-pass'. People feel physically and mentally fitter, sleep better and can lose weight. In addition, many people drink less alcohol after the stop, and they are also better able to say no; Habitual behavior is broken.

We as a health yard are also participating in 'Ik pas, The Battle' this year! Together with colleagues, clients, residents and students of our SparkCentre, we will put our alcohol consumption on a 30-day break in January 2022. As a district, we will fight together against the rest of the Netherlands! And of course we want to win!

How do you participate?
At the bottom of the page you will find the 'Join' button. You can register yourself by clicking on 'accept invitation'.
You can always participate in I pass; whether you consume alcohol once a month or regularly, it doesn't matter! It has positive effects on your health for everyone!

These companies also participate in IkPas

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