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IrisZorg is an institution for addiction care and social care in the Gelderland region.

Are you in?! Together with your colleagues, clients and the rest of the Netherlands, we will pause our alcohol consumption for 30 days in January 2022. You don't drink alcohol for a month to see what it does to you. You become more aware of the choice you can make whether or not to drink, you break through your entrenched patterns and alcohol is less obvious.

But those are not the only effects of participating with IkPas. Many participants also experience physical benefits. For example, 62% feels physically fitter, 55% sleeps better and 32% loses weight. Sounds good right? Register with team IrisZorg today!

Iriszorg pays attention to Ik Pas every year. The prevention department is committed to this within the organization. In the Nijmegen region, we pay extra attention to the Ik Pas Battle against the rest of the country.

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