GGZ Rivierduinen participates in IkPas

GGZ River Dunes

GGZ Rivierduinen is committed to a new way of thinking and working. Learning to look differently. The focus is not on the process, but on people. Where diagnosis and treatment become a tool again and not an end in itself. After all, no person is the same and every situation is different. The essence of recovery and the basis of our existence is true contact: a process of vulnerability and openness. This creates a connection of unconditional trust. And that is crucial for treatment, guidance and personal growth. At least as valuable is our contact with the people in the immediate vicinity, who also take care of and have care. Because it is those close to us who give us an outside view and help us to understand the situation. We do everything we can to stay close and accessible to our clients.

We do this with 2,100 colleagues in the familiar environment with our district teams, in acute care, within our recovery locations, our outpatient clinics, Eating Disorders and the Service Company.

As an employer, we believe it is important to pay constant attention to health and vitality. That is why we are participating in IkPas again this year.

We pay attention to the subject and ask employees to participate in IkPas in January.

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