Bureau Objectief participates in IkPas

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Objective wants to stimulate a healthy society. By providing insight into human motivations, we offer starting points to change behavior in a positive way. For example, we conduct target group research into motives & resistance. Do we conduct compliance research into the age limit and map the living environment of young people with the help of youth research. These insights enable a well-founded policy with risk-based deployment of prevention and enforcement activities. Our office works from a solid foundation in which science and practice meet.

We understand very well that alcohol is unhealthy! That is why it is a core business of ours to support government and private individuals in enforcing the age limit for alcohol sales. This gives young people a longer chance to experience what it is like to live without alcohol.

Bureau Objectief participates in IkPas because we believe in being experts by experience. We want to experience regularly that it is normal to live without alcohol.

Our employees participate en masse. In addition to making it as fun as possible together, we also see IkPas as an opportunity to experiment. We look for the best techniques to empower our employees. In this way, everyone is able to be their own behavior changer.

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