Zooming with Petra Moes

Petra Moes is no stranger to IkPas. She is the initiator of 'The Art of Sober Living'. For years she has been guiding people who want to break patterns around their alcohol behaviour. In the months of February and March, Petra organizes three online (Zoom) meetings especially for participants of the 40 days no drop challenge. 

During such a meeting, Petra always deals with a different theme and there is room for questions. on Thursday 25 March from 19.30 – 20.30 is the third meeting. Do you want to be there online? then sign up here in. Do you have a question for Petra: send your question to katja@ikpas.nl.

Good to know:

-The content of the Zoom meetings is aimed both at the participants of the 40 days no drop challenge who have just joined and at the people who have 'continued' Dry January.

-On the day of the meeting you will receive a link and a password via email (at least one hour in advance). With this link you have access to the meeting.

-You can log in fifteen minutes in advance. At least you know that everything technically works.

-If you have no experience with Zoom, it is useful to install it well in advance and try it out. Here is a video that explains a few things about installing Zoom.

Themes Zoom meetings

Meeting 1 on February 18: You lay the foundation with a clear decision.
Meeting 2 on March 4: When the going gets tough...how do you keep it up?
Meeting 3 on March 25: What next? Tips and tricks for the future.

NB The meetings are not recorded and can therefore not be viewed. This is in connection with the privacy of the participants.



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