This is how you make a fresh non-alcoholic Teatail

Every week Teastreet comes up with a stimulating tea recipe especially for IkPas. This week we present a delicious fresh (non-alcoholic) Tea cocktail -Teatail-. Almost all teas are suitable for making iced tea as a base for your Teatail, including black, green, white, oolong, herbs and rooibos. Read and learn how you can make a splash at home with a Teatail.


Preparation of iced tea as the basis of the Teatail:

Quick method:

  • Double the recommended dose of tea in the filter; the tea is eventually diluted by the ice cubes, so you have to prepare the tea extra strong with double the amount of loose leaf tea.
  • Make the tea in the usual way (note, with green and white tea in water of max 80°C).
  • Pour the hot tea over a cup/jug of ice cubes or place the Magic Tea Maker with hot tea on a cup with ice cubes.

Cold brew method:

Iced tea based on black, green or white tea gets the best taste when prepared with the cold brew-method. The tea should be steeped in cold water for at least six hours.

  • Put the loose leaf tea in the filter (about 3 grams per 250 ml).

For large quantities, you can fill a dispenser with cold water. Fill paper filter bags size L with loose tea. Close the bags and put them in the water.

  • Let the tea steep overnight in cold water in the refrigerator.
  • Pour the fresh iced tea into a nice glass.
  • Complete the Teatail with a piece of fruit, a piece of fresh ginger root on the rim of the glass or a sprig of rosemary or mint in the glass.

Our favorites as a basis for a Teatail:

Black T – Old School Earl Gray

Green T – Crispy morning

Herbal – Summer in the city





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