Water with: fresh and fruity

January 18, 2020 / Topical / Recipe

Brabant Water knows better than anyone how varied water can be. With their water recipes they know how to take every dish to the next level. This week's water recipe is titled: Fresh and Fruity, Grapefruit-Blueberry Water. This water tastes extra good with a quinoa dish with vegetables. 

Grapefruit-Blueberry Water


Blueberries 12 pieces

Yellow grapefruit 3 wedges

Red grapefruit 3 wedges

Basil 2 sprigs

Tap water 1 liter

Preparation method:

• Wash the basil and leave the leaves of one sprig on the stem.
• Pick the leaves from the other twig, roll them up and gently beat them with the back
of a knife. Then poke the bare basil sprig through it.
• Cut the blueberries in half.
• Remove the peel from the grapefruits so that only the pulp remains.
• Now cut out the grapefruit segments, each of 3 pieces.
• Fill the carafe with all ingredients.
• Add some ice cubes and fill the carafe with cold tap water.

Make ice cubes from grapefruit juice instead of regular ice cubes.

For more delicious water recipes, look at www.brabantwater.nl.



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