Something different with Teastreet

Just like wine, tea in combination with a dish can enhance the taste and make it even more beautiful and rich. The perfect combination ensures that both the dish and the tea come into their own even better. The diversity of flavors and types of tea means that there is a suitable tea for every type of dish.

Discover your favorite combinations and put together your tea arrangement. To start the discovery we give you some guidelines, but just like with wine there are many possible combinations.

-Smoked fish: green T – Sencha, green T – Bancha, green T – Guyokuro

-Salad: green T – Mao Feng , green T – Lovely jasmine, white T – White monkey pekoe

-Grilled vegetable/creamy soup: green T – Chun Mee, oolong – Tie guan yin, green T – Gunpowder

Grilled Fish: Oolong – Golden Osmanthus, Green Tea – Mao Feng, Green T – Chun Mee

-Meat: Black T – Sikkim Temi, Black T – Darjeeling 1st flush Seeyok, oolong – Happy valley Darjilong

-Chocolate: black T – Yunnan Dian Hong; black T – old school earl gray; rooibos – honey bee




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