Something different with D-drinks

20 March 2020 / Topical / Recipe

Watching a series is even more fun with a nice drink. D-drinks completes your Netflix evening by presenting this non-alcoholic snack: the Honey Suckle Fizz Punch. Straw in, legs up and relax!


-ice cubes

-A handful of mixed red fruit

-4 teaspoons honey

-80ml lemon juice

-2 sprigs of tarragon

-1 bottle (75cl) Belvoir Elderflower pressé

Preparation method

-Mix all ingredients except the Belvoir Elderflower pressé and the tarragon together. Note: keep some red fruit on hand for garnish.

-Pour this mix in a pitcher and add the Belvoir Elderflower.

- Garnish your glass with a tarragon sprig and some red fruit.



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