Who participates?

Since the start in 2015, IkPas has attracted a relatively large number of people who drink more frequently and more often than the Dutch population. In the 2018 promotion, the participants' average weekly consumption was 17.6 glasses, they drank on average 4.6 days a week. This made the 2018 participant group the most and most frequently drinking participant group since the start of IkPas in 2015.
Among the participants are relatively much higher educated (59.8% has HBO or university), this number is slightly lower than in previous years. The proportion of men is growing, but almost two thirds of the participants are still women (64%). The average age is almost 45.
For many participants, IkPas is an action in which they want to gain experience, break a habit or take up a challenge. But for at least as many participants, 'quick wins' such as better sleep, fitness or wanting to lose weight do play an important role.
Complete information about the group that will participate from January 1 is not yet available. We'll let you know as soon as it's available.



Meanwhile on the web

Last week we came across some news reports indicating that alcohol consumption is on the rise now that the world is in a (semi) lockdown state. You will also read why alcohol and crises are not good…
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