Preparing for IkPas

On January 1, you put your alcohol consumption on a break. 'Don't drink a drop' for 30 days. For some a cinch, for others it will be more difficult. Good preparation is half the job. We are happy to give you some tips so that you can get off to a flying start.
– Try to reduce your alcohol consumption in the coming period. Then the transition is smaller.
– Invite your partner, family, friends and colleagues to participate. If you have one or more buddies in January, it's easier.
– Whether or not they participate: tell as many people in your area as possible that you will put your alcohol consumption on a break from 1 January. Some social control can help you keep it going.
– Think of alternatives to the alcoholic drinks and get them at home.
– Stop buying a large stock of wine, beer, etc. Make sure your (refrigerator) is empty at the end of the year. Then you won't be tempted later.
– Determine how much money you can save by not drinking alcohol for a month and think of what you could do with that money.
– Take all empty bottles to the glass container so that nothing reminds you of your alcohol consumption.
– Rewarding works better than punishment: promise yourself something nice when you have completed the 30 days.



Meanwhile on the web

Last week we came across some news reports indicating that alcohol consumption is on the rise now that the world is in a (semi) lockdown state. You will also read why alcohol and crises are not good…
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