Being confident

You have signed up for IkPas, you participate enthusiastically, but when you are busy for a while, you notice that it is sometimes quite difficult to keep up. You hadn't realized beforehand that 30 days is almost a whole month. As with many New Year's resolutions, the focus fades after a while. It is now a matter of perseverance. Being confident.

Stay positive You've come a long way, you're going to make it to the finish line. Be proud of what you have already achieved, you will not destroy it. Don't give in to that little voice that says 'what difference does one drink make?' It does matter. read once again what it means for your liver if you drink alcohol in the meantime. Push the voice with a positive thought: I can do it. I hold on.

Keep preparing Tough moments will continue to come. A birthday, holiday or the weekly Friday afternoon drink. Prepare yourself. Think about what you will drink or what you will say. Offer to be the BOB. Surround yourself with people who, like you, don't drink alcohol and help each other through the difficult day(s). Make it clear that you do not intend to drink and ask that you do not offer alcohol.

Find distraction Sometimes the urge becomes very strong. Then look for distraction. Go do something that moves the senses.

If it's too hard Maybe saying 'no' on your own is too difficult. Turns out you're more addicted than you thought. Then seek professional help. Send a message to the IkPascoach, make an appointment with your GP or call the alcohol information line. Take action. With IkPas you have already taken the first step. Add the following if necessary.



Meanwhile on the web

Last week we came across some news reports indicating that alcohol consumption is on the rise now that the world is in a (semi) lockdown state. You will also read why alcohol and crises are not good…
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