Haaksbergen: Good & healthy work

“We were both standing with an alcohol-free drink in our hands during the New Year's reception of the municipality of Haaksbergen, the alderman and I. The alderman had registered for IkPas. I was too late for that, but decided to participate. During the reception, the idea was born to introduce your alcohol on break in the municipal organization as well.” This is what Esther Ardon, member of the Good & Healthy Working action team at the municipality of Haaksbergen, has to say. “IkPas is part of a broader package that also includes 40 days without sugar and traveling to work. Our action team regularly hands out pinpricks. This is one of the actions. Employees are free to choose whether or not to participate. We don't impose it. We don't interfere in their private lives."

She hasn't had a drop of alcohol since Esther started in January. “December was full of weekends, even during the week. Normally I only drank on the weekends, but when it was almost every day on the weekend, it almost seemed like an addictive behavior. My sister works in addiction care, so I know I didn't fit in her target group, but I didn't want to see alcohol as a habit anymore."

Putting alcohol on a break was not that bad. “I am proud that it works, without much effort. It took some getting used to, especially if you're with people who do drink. You really have to make your own plan. I regularly felt clearer when I got up than when I had been drinking in the evening. That was the only and most important difference for me. I already slept well and I also have enough energy. After January I did not start drinking again, because from March 6 I will participate in the 40 days campaign. I rest my body. No more toxic substances. Will I never drink again? A while ago I moved to a farm and last year I made delicious liqueurs from fruit from my own garden. If I could never 'be allowed' to drink it again, I'd think it would be a shame. But I can of course call my homemade grape juice non-alcoholic wine.”




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Last week we came across some news reports indicating that alcohol consumption is on the rise now that the world is in a (semi) lockdown state. You will also read why alcohol and crises are not good…
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