Alternatives to the drink hour

Humans are creatures of habit and it is difficult to break traditions. This also applies to fixed times when you drink alcohol. A glass of wine while cooking, beer while watching football, a drink after sports, cognac with your coffee when you go out for dinner; almost everyone knows of situations where alcohol 'belongs'. Those moments are the most difficult during IkPas. Often you can suffice with an alternative drink, sometimes the habit of drinking alcohol is too central, such as during a drink hour.

What can you do instead:

  • sports
  • reading a book
  • a job that has been waiting for you for a long time
  • enjoy the outdoors: walking or cycling
  • crafting or crafting
  • puzzle
  • finally picking up a hobby you never had time for.

It works best where you are away from alcohol and/or where you are busy (with your hands).



Meanwhile on the web

Last week we came across some news reports indicating that alcohol consumption is on the rise now that the world is in a (semi) lockdown state. You will also read why alcohol and crises are not good…
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