Alcohol and (winter) sports

Enjoy a mulled wine or Jäger tea on a terrace next to the slopes in the winter sun and at the end of the day Apres Ski is on the program. Just like the third half after a game of football (or hockey or… fill it in) sports and alcohol seem to be linked. As a reward after a great effort, as comfort after a lost match, 'just' for the fun with your team members.

Drinking alcohol during sports, as is regularly done in winter sports, for example, is unwise. Not only can it make you reckless and reduce your responsiveness, there are more short-term effects.

  • Alcohol reduces the strength and endurance of the heart.
  • When the liver has to choose between breaking down alcohol and breaking down lactic acid (which your body produces during exercise), your liver chooses alcohol. The lactic acid accumulates in the muscles. Result: muscle pain.
  • Alcohol is a diuretic. You need to pee more often. The risk of dehydration is high.

Perhaps most importantly, your performance will diminish anyway because your brain and nerve cells are numbed.



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