Joost and Lisette participated in the IkPas Battle

This year IkPas organized something new: a real battle. Two cities competed against each other. Which city generated as many IkPas participants as possible and can call itself the 2021 winner? The winner has now been announced. Congratulations Nijmegen! Thanks in part to Joost and Lisette, the city of Gelderland has won against the people of Brabant. 

Lisette Lenssen – ter Horst (53) is participating in IkPas for the first time. And with 'team Radboudumc'. It was curiosity that convinced this moderate drinker not to drink alcohol for a month.

Lisette has always been a cautious drinker. “I don't care much about it. Although I do like it when a glass of wine is served on the table during a visit. When I read on the Radboudumc intranet that you could join 'team Radboudumc' and participate in Dry January, I initially thought: 'That's not for me. I drink so little.' It was the curiosity and enthusiasm of a colleague that made me decide to register.”

Fit and energetic

We are now over halfway and what does a moderate drinker notice so far from completely cutting out alcohol? “Despite the fact that I didn't drink much before I started Dry January, I do notice a difference. I feel energetic and fit. Or would that be between my ears? I enjoy it anyway. Recently we were invited to visit friends and then I declined the usual convivial wine. Such a break is a good stick to say 'no'. Corona also helps with that. Now that there are no dinners and parties, I don't find it difficult to keep it up.”

Post-corona time

But what about when corona is over? Lisette doesn't worry about that. “I feel strong enough not to go for the axe even then. I don't plan to drink for a long time. For exactly how long I don't know, but living soberly is good for me. It tastes like more!”

Physician microbiologist and medical director Joost Hopman (44) heard about IkPas and felt that as chairman of the core prevention team at Radboudumc, he could not lag behind in participating. He joined 'team Radboudumc' and sees this Dry January as a month of reflection.

He doesn't drink this month and not much before that either. “If I drink, it may be a good glass of wine. And only if I really feel like it," Joost says. It is the first time that he participates in IkPas. “Our chairman of the board of directors has created great awareness for IkPas within our hospital and I thought it would be good to participate in this as well.” As chair of the core prevention team at Radboudumc, I can wholeheartedly support IkPas. In addition, I like to participate myself. I'm doing well, luckily."

Team spirit

Because Radboudumc is well represented (118 IkPas participants), you sometimes talk about it with colleagues. “Then we'll talk about it at the coffee machine,” says Joost. “So it's definitely alive. The daily newsletter also ensures that you cannot forget that you are taking an alcohol break.”

Experienced breaker

Although this is the first time that Joost participates in IkPas, he does have experience with taking a break. “In the past I have often taken an alcohol break on my own initiative. I feel comfortable with that. A break offers space for reflection. Why am I drinking? And what role should alcohol play in my life?”


Joost does not think so whether much will change in terms of alcohol consumption after Dry January. “I have always been a moderate drinker. I won't be any different after this break. However, I am even more aware of my (sporadic) use and I only want to drink a good glass of wine when I really feel like it.”










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