In conversation with D-drinks

During Dry January we present you a series of recipes for alternative thirst quenchers. We get inspiration from the natural & healthy drinks and snacks from D-drinks. In the run-up to the largest alcohol break in the Netherlands, we interviewed brand managers Jolein de Krijger and Plien van de Sande.

So D drinks. Tell.

Plien: “D-drinks is the platform for natural & healthy drinks and snacks in the Benelux. We focus on both organizations and consumers. We are the supplier of brands that first and foremost have a delicious taste and that also meet the wishes of the consumer. Our runners are: Vitamin Well, Active O2, Barebells and Cawston Press for example.”

Your mission?

Jolein: “D-drinks' mission is to continue to lead the trend of natural 'better for you' products with high quality ingredients, driven by a sustainable and clear vision.”

Why would people want to try your drinks and snacks?

Plien: “First of all, they are very tasty products. Surprising taste too. In addition to a pleasant taste experience, our products are a healthier alternative to the average soft drinks, alcoholic refreshments and the average snacks.”

Jolein adds: “We humans are often looking for something new. We want to taste a product that tastes good and above all we want to be surprised. 'A healthy lifestyle' plays an important role in the lives of an ever-growing group of people. We do not want to make any concessions in quality and taste. D-drinks products are the complete mix of all these wishes.”

Where does D-drinks get its inspiration from?

Jolein: “We get our inspiration from everyday life; conversations with consumers and customers. But also by looking at trends abroad. When a trend rears its head abroad and sticks, you can make a good estimate of whether it will continue to the Benelux. If so, then we respond to this. In addition to spotting trends and responding to them, we also take on the role of 'challenger' by introducing products that fulfill a need that does not yet exist.”

What trends do you spot in terms of non-alcoholic drinks and snacks?

Plien: “What we see is a growing need for mature flavors and products with a 'bite'. Alcohol equals enjoyment, but also provides a certain kick. When you switch to alcohol-free, people are still looking for a 'bite and a kick'. This is reflected in the growing trend of flavors such as ginger, turmeric, etc.

But a soft drink can also be a bit more exciting these days. Just an orange or lemon flavor is not enough. You also see a growing need for less sugars and fewer calories. People want products with quality ingredients. But the taste experience remains the most important thing for everyone.”

What do you hope to be able to pass on to the IkPas participants?

Jolein: “That there are plenty of tasty drinks available that come as close to enjoyment as alcohol.” Plien: “We will never point the finger that someone should eat and drink healthier. But if you participate in Dry January, like now, there are plenty of tasty and alternative products to be found that provide an intense taste experience.”


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