I'll pass soon

Numbers are a thing for me now. The countdown has begun. 3 more days and then on 31-12-2018 and from 11.59.59 am I will not drink alcohol for 31 days for the time being. That has been a bit different in the past year, there was always a time somewhere in the world with 5 in the clock. Because that's when I can have a snack. Although not the whole year, last year I stopped for the 1st 2 months of the year. Super fit, proud, alert, 5 kilos lighter. But after 2 months I went away with my son for a weekend, to the south of the country. Once there, the Burgundian bear came loose again, 1 bolleke became 2 and became 3. Anyway, the tone was set and Bacchus gradually creeps into your life again. Before I knew it, it was the normal course of events. Jagermeistertje on the slopes, ouzootje during the sirtaki in Chios, hearty Bordeaux at that one farmer, Budweisertje in Lower Manhattan, and then that summer with all those nice terraces, wonderful days at the beach bars, overcrowded and pleasant trips, 'just a day review' with colleagues on the corner of the office. In short, there is always a reason to have a schnapps. Putting my drinks as diminutives makes it less bad. Who is fooling whom? In short, it was another year for me as far as blood alcohol is concerned. And how I enjoyed it again. But also the slumbering feeling, can it go a little less?
Christmas, in any case the month of December, is the month of reflection and good intentions for the new year. I'm ending the year with a monastery retreat, but one with a southern slant, so alcohol will flow, but in moderation.
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 00.00. Happy New Year and the 'battle' is about to begin.
I am hopeful and looking forward to it.
Cheers to the last days of 2018.


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