A glass of wine every day at half past four, but not now

I counted down the days to the new year: 3. 2.1. Finding out how I want to continue with my beloved red wines – about three a day – is the goal of my participation in IkPas. Sub-goal: to lose a few kilos. I start on January 2. On January 1, the traditional New Year's dinner is at my in-laws. There is no chance of participating in a fun way and January 1 is still just a holiday, isn't it? But on January 2, I'm going to get serious. Secretly I am also looking forward to this date, I noticed during my preparation for this challenge. I'm curious: what will it be like without a foggy head the day after, how will I go to sleep, will I indeed be less tired and how will it affect my weight? How does my partner feel that I can now always be the BOB in the evening?

On Facebook I see someone respond who says that 30 days alcohol-free is a cinch. I do not assume that in advance and have taken my precautions. For example, I contacted people who also participate in IkPas. We're going to help each other. I started with a diary in which I write down my difficult moments. I also started inventing alternatives for my wines. Half past four, the time when I usually start with my first glass, is going to be a difficult moment and I had to come up with something good for that. I get tomato juice at home – nice with some pepper – and bought a bottle of lemonade syrup with zero percent sugar I'm going to mix it with Spa red. I also buy a bottle of Coke Zero. Surely this is enough!

The first day, January 2, is going well for me. First I watch the webinar of dewining coach Jacqueline van Lieshout. She tells fun and humorous about unwining. Then I go with my partner to the beautiful Cyprus exhibition in Leiden and in the evening we have dinner with our son and his girlfriend. They know that I participate in IkPas and do not drink themselves this evening. That gives me a lot of support. I look forward to a good night's sleep, but….. I don't sleep a wink. The second day is a lot more difficult because of the fatigue. I have never felt so cranky. I miss my wine at half past four and even feel a bit sad. I decide to cook extra delicious and make a black bean soup with avocado from 'Veg', the latest book by Jamie Oliver. Very tasty, and the soup is so filling that I don't miss the wine. After that I think all evening about the lack of my wine. So desperately needed to participate in this action! I go to bed extra early, it is difficult to fall asleep, but I sleep a lot better than the first night. The chagrin continues to dominate the next day and I'm suddenly afraid that I'm not going to succeed. I'm going to buy something nice to keep my spirits up: a lavender shower gel and a nice nail polish. I'm going to cook again and this evening the thought of wine is suddenly a lot less. I read nice articles in the AD about a month without alcohol and cut out recipes for alcohol-free cocktails. Nice for next weekend, when we eat at fellow IkPassers. The third night I sleep better and I wake up rested and fit.

Would it still work with IkPas?…


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