Gerb De Column Writer: Spit bowl

I will be honest. I sometimes secretly read the Libelle when I visit my parents. And I've been doing that for years. Preferably in the toilet. Still quite fun and interesting to read what these ladies like and what they talk about. Last week I again leafed through my favorite women's magazine. I was even the first reader in the family, because the plastic was still around it. Of course directly to the horoscope, because I would like to know what will happen next week. Then I start from scratch and very often see topics in the table of contents that have to do with reducing or stopping 'something'. Too much junk in the house, too many calories, eating too much and of course drinking too much. I remember edition one of this year and it contained Patrick's story. Three beautiful, sweet and young daughters are together with him in the large page-wide photo. Things went wrong after his wife died of breast cancer. Patrick reached for the drink. My, what a powerful story and how brave to tell this story. As a tough man, in a women's magazine. 

I read this story just after I started my alcohol-free month and it gave me a huge boost. I'm just gonna make it. And the last thing I want is to start drinking more slowly. I hear that so often: “I started with… and ended with…” State Secretary for Health, Welfare and Sport, Paul Blokhuis, tweeted this week that he had read a number of interviews of IkPas participants. Even for a moderate drinker, not drinking for a month is quite a task, is his conclusion. And that, after my private prohibition of almost a month, I completely agree with him. Alcohol is actually an indispensable part of our current society. You have probably noticed: all home and garden programs end with a glass of bubbly. Because it turned out so beautiful, that includes a glass. In England 'cheers' is even a synonym for 'thank you'.

I think a lot of 'IkPassers' will uncork the bottle this Friday or go into town for a drink. Nothing wrong with that, because after a month of not drinking, you can treat yourself. We did it together for a while.

I am still waiting until the end of next week. Then I have a wine tasting. You may know it, taste about ten wines and then go home 'upside down'. And that after a month of not drinking. I think I'm finally going to start using the spittoon.


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