A tea for Tea

My name is Teatje. I am married and mother of 3 children and 3 grandchildren. I still work 25 hours a week and sit on the client council of a nursing home. And our great passion is our dog with whom we walk for hours. I am participating in IkPas, because my alcohol consumption started to get a bit out of hand.

Every day I drank 2 wines, often 3 and on the weekend even more. And then I always said: 'You sleep well on that'. Nonsense of course. And yes, it also gave relaxation after a day of hard work and stress. When I had to undergo major jaw surgery 3 years ago, that was the time for me to take an alcohol break. Because I had to have surgery in April, I stopped in January to go into the surgery fit. After the operation I still occasionally drank a glass of wine, but not as before.

But I can see it creeping in quickly. We were on holiday and then I drink a nice glass of wine on a terrace every day. And look, there I go. Have a nice drink. What's fun about alcohol? A juice is nice too, right?

And how often have I not heard in the past period: 'Would you like a glass of wine? New? ahhh, do
not so unsociable!' How so? I think then. You know those people's faces when you say you don't drink alcohol? 'Ooooh, aren't you drinking? Ooooh, do you want something non-alcoholic then?' Sometimes those are difficult moments for me. And sometimes I think: one for fun then?

Fortunately, my husband is also participating, together we are strong. In the coming weeks I hope to write nice blogs, in which I share my pitfalls with you and especially the moments when I am strong and say: 'Give me a nice juice'.

This is Thea in short

I am a mother and a grandmother and I am in the middle of life. I love my dog, reading and music. I like going out with friends and I also work 25 hours a week. I've always had quite a bit to drink. For fun, but above all to forget. And I thought I slept better because of it. I drank half a bottle of wine a day and a whole bottle a day on weekends. Three years ago I participated in Dry January for the first time. That's when I really flipped the switch. Since then I drink a lot less. Sometimes not even weeks and then again a few glasses here and there.


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