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Ever since I was a teenager I have had regular problems with my body, especially with my back. I can still remember that from the age of 16 I went to the physio with some regularity. I chose, after many years, to stop gymnastics. Not that it was over after that, far from it, to this day I walk around with severe back pain at least once a year. It can easily slip (just a few weeks ago). I sat at the computer at work and got up to walk to the printer. I took 3 steps and BAM there it was: WOW, pain!! No signs, nothing. Then suddenly it is there. Immediately I take a different position (the one with the least pain and that looks really fat retarded) and I carefully walk to my locker for the oh so necessary paracetamol/ibuprofen, which I always have with me. If you saw me stumbling past you, like my colleagues, would laugh at me (rightly) and ask if I had my diaper full. It's wonderful how they joke about that and make me laugh, exactly what I need at that moment (top colleagues). It really doesn't look like that either. Like a full-fledged grandmother, I move with small steps from desk to printer, from dining area to sofa and from customer to customer, while I use my hands for support on chair backs and tables (where's my walker?!). Experience shows that I just have to keep moving and possibly visit a physio, so I just go to work and walk around the block in the evening, at least as soon as I can walk a bit again. Usually, after I get home, I first flop on the couch or in my bed. Lie flat for a while to relax my back muscles. In the past I sometimes took a glass of wine before going to bed, as a wonderful relaxation for my cramped back. It certainly helped, but it made my night's rest very restless. Just like all the other times I go to bed with a glass of wine in my giggle, I wake up a dozen times because I have to pee and I have trouble falling asleep because of a busy body and a restless head. In addition, I sometimes also have palpitations, so that I can lie awake for hours before finally falling asleep. This last time I didn't do that, drink wine for relaxation. Exercise, paracetamol and rest make it better every day and, despite the pain, I sleep quite well. I do hope that the improvement really continues. I've been working on this for 3 weeks and I'm completely done with it.

Yesterday I suddenly got the feeling that I needed to go out again and I don't mean a day of walking on the heath. I also haven't been to Texel for months, so I went looking for a 3-day stay on my beautiful island. I felt like staying in a hotel and went from website to website to find a nice offer. Problem 1 was quickly discovered: GORGEOUS how expensive is that!! You are really shocked by the prices that are being asked. It has always been expensive, but it is very expensive now. Daughter helped with the search and even wanted to contribute financially during my weekend, as a thank you for the past few months (sweet ❤️!!). I got to the point where I got quite frustrated and had already lost some courage. I'm really not going to pay more than 200 euros for 2 nights away, half of which is also only based on accommodation!! And I haven't even mentioned the price of the crossing, the petrol and breakfast, lunch and dinner. I was wondering if I could find anything for a normal price at all? Later in the evening, under the warm shower, the solution suddenly came. I'm just NOT going to Texel. I'll see where I end up. As long as there is nature, a nice bed to sleep in and a good breakfast, little can go wrong. By the way, let's not forget problem 2: Just go and book a hotel on your own.... Many hotels don't even do it or charge ridiculous prices. It is often assumed that you will come with at least two people. Well, for years I prefer to go on holiday alone, so now I want to. With a lot of patience and looking beyond my nose, I suddenly found a very cool offer. Good price, including coffee and cake (yes, that's okay!), two nights, two breakfasts, two dinners and walking routes in the area. Last night I suddenly lost my faith and booked 3 days away to Twente (again with a T)!! I'm going to the beautiful town of Ootmarsum. Not only is it in a beautiful area, I can also sniff a lot of culture!! The weather forecast looks very good and I hope it stays that way.

I can already see myself sitting on a sunny terrace with my Affligem Blond 0.0 and a delicious portion of bitterballen (HEE-LU-MAAL for me alone)


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