Morning person in the making

January 17, 2022 / Topical / Blog Tessa
Remember that scale I bought for myself? It's the next morning and there I am.....just out of bed and ready to step on a scale for the first time in 2 years. Well, done…. actually, very secretly, I am NOT ready at all. I've known for a while that I should pay more attention to my weight…. ok, even more honest…. Actually, I've known this for at least a year and a half. Due to circumstances I just kept pushing it out in front of me. My mind just wasn't there, I had other (sometimes tough) priorities. Briefly; I couldn't bring myself to do it. In addition, I also know that I sniffed way too much because of my cozy Chardonnay. Chips, nuts, cheese (oooooh, I love cheese sooooo much), crackers, grilled sausage, brie toast, bitterballen, toasted sandwiches, croquette sandwiches, pizzas, whole sandwiches….. do you have an hour left? I like it all!! And if I then also buy it, and so it is in my (refrigerator) cupboard for grabs, the turnips are cooked fairly quickly for me. In a few steps I'm in the kitchen. Open the cupboard, grab, close the cupboard.

So I stand in front of the scale and count to 3….. With my eyes closed I step on the scale. Carefully I look through my eyelashes at the numbers that reveal themselves on my scale. NOOOOO!! I squeeze my eyes shut, open them again, and look again. The same numbers are still there! Sigh...Did I really let it get so out of hand?! I get off and on again (because yes, that of course saves a kilo or 5 ;). But the scale is inexorable!! There is no escaping it: work to be done. I really need to lose some pounds. I'm already somewhat on the right track, because I haven't been drinking alcohol for more than 2 weeks, which means I snore less, drink a lot of water from my new water bottle (ideal thing) and I exercise every day. I've been paying a bit of attention to my diet, but I'm going to do that a little more. I want it, I have to, I can do it!! 

If there was still a little sense of alcohol, after this experience, it completely disappeared. Quite a good purchase, such a scale. Very enlightening to be confronted with your own pitfalls. Because that's how I see it; old pitfalls that I fall into every so often. It will always be a struggle for me, it always has been. But just like the last times, I will win the battle this time as well. And every eventual next time, I will win in the end. Although I hope that one day I will come to a point where my pitfalls are no longer an issue for me. I am in control myself and by exercising more, among other things, I am getting stronger every day. I walk a lot more than before, regularly dance in the room (with the curtains closed, of course, because you really don't want to see that) and run up and down the stairs a few times a day (talking about acidification in your legs, holy shit !). I currently drink a lot of water, my capper is filled at least 5 times a day and my bladder has known that too. Geez, mina, all my toilet visits add up to a complete walk. Well, you have to do something for it, otherwise it won't work at all.

I haven't had alcohol for over 2 weeks now and I am sleeping better. If I'm tired now, I'll just go to bed. Before, when I came home from work on a Saturday, when I was in the mood for Chardonnay, my fatigue was supplanted by the alcohol. After 2 glasses of wine I don't really feel the fatigue anymore and after 4 glasses of wine I can't go to bed anymore. Not even if you would throw in a Juttertje (Texel's herbal drink) afterwards. There is always a series that I can watch or a piece of music that still needs to be listened to. You really should beat me to bed!! At such a moment I really enjoy it and I want to continue enjoying it for a while. When I finally lie down, I often can't sleep because of a restless head and when I finally sleep I wake up an hour or 2 later (pee) to be unable to sleep again. Then I can't get out of bed the next morning!! Not so strange after a restless night with a lot of tossing and turning, with a dull head and far too little sleep. A terrible waste of the day of course! After that I often don't get anything out of my hands, I hang out on the couch, watch TV and have no energy to go for a walk or do anything else. I usually get over that and then go on the road anyway, which always results in a fresh head and a good feeling.

The last 2 weeks I get out of bed in the morning more and more easily. I feel refreshed, rested and I feel like doing things. I'm really not a morning person, but notice that I have less and less trouble getting out of my blissful, warm bed. Though that won't happen every day. Certainly not with a coffee machine next to my bed. This morning I woke up one and a half hours before the alarm and was already in the shower at 7 o'clock, the radio on the Wrong Hour setting. I start this day singing and swinging. For work I have already folded laundry, unpacked the dishwasher, changed the litter box and watered my plants. When I get in the car I have to chuckle to myself. They sometimes say; The older, the crazier. Would I still be a morning person? Laughing I shake my head….. DEFINITELY NOT!!


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