Benefits? What benefits?

Survived the first week…..the worst shaking is over, I can finally shave myself again without getting life-threateningly injured, and most of the soup goes back into my mouth, instead of through my mouth.

7 whole days without beers; it seemed like an eternity beforehand, in retrospect it flew by. Tapped back some yellow rascals and pink bubbles on New Year's Eve and Eve, but shortly after midnight the switch flipped. That famous switch, hidden somewhere deep between the parietal and occipital lobe of the brain, somewhat rusty because it has not been used for a while, but immediately ready again after a little bit of penetrating oil. The switch that is usually on full throttle, but has also often saved me from evil. I just don't like to cut down or use means, I find phasing out terrible and even more bargaining. You either do it or you don't. Finished. So long story short; I'm still passing, although I had a bit of a hard time on Sunday. As I wrote in my previous blog about the Leenderbostrail and my terrible vision, the reality was even worse, almost inhumane even.

Not only did my start number show the addition – Ik Pas – but the race director also conjured up a delicious ice-cold (because it was outside too) bottle of Hertog Jan during the briefing, explaining that just now that Marcel was fitting, he had a new beer sponsor. found it. Yelling everywhere and I as the well-known farmer with the corners of my mouth up. But when after more than 50 kilometers I obediently slurped on my delicious apple juice/spa red and my running buddy happily toasted with his Hertogje; I did have some homicidal tendencies. Outwardly impassive, I bore my fate, but my heart wept and my liver craved.

By the way, if you're bored, you can read the whole story on my personal FB blog 

And now I come to the intended perks…I haven't come across them yet (except I didn't strike last week when the Duke was in the bonus). It is said that you should not only feel fitter and more energetic, you should also sleep like a baby. Now my baby days are behind me, but I can't recall ever dreaming of raging waves, howling wolves, chases by men with scary guns, a date with Donald Trump, and skiing on terrifyingly fast-melting snow. If I don't lose weight because of my stopped alcohol intake (which so far hasn't really been the case), this will certainly happen because of my escapades, because I'm suffocating at night. When you add these activities to a pipework that is overzealous and agitated by flows of sparkling water, you understand that my sleep rhythm does not yet fully meet expectations. And whether I now feel fitter and more energetic is not entirely clear to me, whereby I also ask myself whether or not this difficult to define feeling is caused by the lack of alcohol. In other words; I have the feeling that I am fitting in for Jan Joker. The good news is that I still have 23 days to prove me wrong. I'll keep you up to date!




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