No thank you, we just keep it dry

The last blog before IkPas and this will undoubtedly be the heaviest blog I've written so far. No, I didn't succumb to alcohol, but I've got a bad stomach flu. And it's also the last blog for IkPas and I think that's quite a shame.

Our youngest and I have been bivouacking on the couch since yesterday. If I had to write this blog yesterday, none of this would have happened. We didn't do much more than sleep, watch TV and regularly run to the toilet. Well, school-age children take the necessary germs with them from school and since more and more cases of illness are becoming known at school, that must be the source of infection. Well, it's transient and I feel happy if a little less lousy than yesterday. And let's just hope we haven't lit my wife and our oldest, because we'll be sitting on the couch together later. Well, our couch is big enough for that, but I really hope they stay on their feet. I don't think it really makes the house more comfortable that way. And if you come across a spelling mistake or other irregularity in this blog, I hope you'll forgive me given my current condition.

Last week my wife and I went to Maastricht for a few days to celebrate our 100 month dating. I have lived in Maastricht eo for 20 years, so it feels a bit like coming home every time. During our stay we went out for dinner and I noticed something remarkable in the restaurant. My wife and I ordered a ginger ale as a drink and also a bottle of still water. You would think that this should at least be a signal to the waiter that we don't drink alcohol. Nevertheless, at one point he came to our table with two glasses and a bottle of some alcoholic drink. When we explained that we didn't drink alcohol, he took the bottle and glasses with him again. What surprised us both, however, was that he came back later with another dish with the same bottle and glasses. Before we had to say anything, he remembered at the last minute that we were not drinking alcohol. As he left the establishment, he politely asked if we were participating in DryJanuary. We answered that question in the affirmative. But somehow I found the whole course of events to be at least remarkable. Now I understand all too well that a large part of the income generated in the hospitality industry comes from the sale of alcohol, but to unthinkingly assume that when you eat out, you also drink alcohol, that I honestly go a little too far. Ex-smokers are often very anti-smoking. Would that also apply to alcohol? And I'm not even an ex-drinker yet.

A few days in Maastricht and not drinking has cost me no effort. The button is clearly on. And at the end of our stay I clearly felt fitter than if I had consumed alcohol. 

This weekend our youngest will be five and we will celebrate his birthday. I see a small challenge there. After all, what kind of host would I be if I didn't bring alcohol into the house for the visitors. So I will do that too. For my own safety only a day in advance and as carefully as possible. And what remains….I think I will pass that on to my parents. Maybe I could handle it if I just keep the leftovers here at home, but I definitely don't want to tie the cat to the bacon. So make sure that no alcohol is left in the house after the birthday party is over. Don't drink myself, I don't mind, but I'm now at about a third of my 100-day IkPas Challenge, so for the time being I'll rule out everything that could prevent me from reaching my final goal. And after that? more drinking?...only on festive occasions? I'm not sure yet. First I successfully complete the 100 days and perhaps by then I will have found the answer for myself. 

In addition to my own personal blogs, I really enjoyed also blog for IkPas. If you are curious about how things will go for me in the coming weeks, I would like to refer you to my personal blog. In addition to many other topics, I will also regularly blog about the progress of my 100 days IkPas Challenge. Will I see you there?


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