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April 1, 2020 / Topical / Blog Linda

Corona can affect anyone. No matter how much money or power you have, health cannot be bought.
But it is striking that even with this disease, your current health does count seriously.

Of course, there are plenty of diseases, ailments or conditions that you are less likely to get if you are perfectly healthy. Look at type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, worn knees and hips, asthma, indirectly many types of cancer and so on. And, as it turns out, corona is also selective.

80% of people who become ill with the corona virus are overweight or smokers. Both are not good for your health and unfortunately some of this group is both overweight and smokers, so they are at extra risk. The fact that the elderly are often screwed up is also due to their health. They often eat much less and therefore do not get the necessary vitamins and minerals they need to maintain a healthy body.

So you can say that people do not get sick because of the corona virus itself, but because their immune system can no longer respond properly to what is happening in the body. We stuff ourselves with too much junk that upsets our intestinal flora and so we develop diseases of affluence that, with a portion of corona, are suddenly life-threatening.
For example, being overweight causes a lot of internal fat and that is what directly threatens us: the fattening of our organs and in particular the fattening of the liver.

Alcohol and your gut
Many diseases therefore arise from a disturbed intestinal flora and what enters our intestines is completely under our control, because we choose what we eat and drink. Alcohol is also an attack on your intestinal flora, and we all know that. After an evening of slump or a weekend of looking too deeply into the glass, many people have stomach or bowel problems the following night or day or have bowel problems. Yet we do nothing with that knowledge and make ourselves sicker if necessary, by continuing to eat and drink.

But how can we prevent our intestines from becoming so out of balance and lowering our resistance? The answer is simple. Eating healthy, exercising, making sure we get enough sleep and learning to deal with stress. We should also avoid pesticides and antibiotics.

Love your body
Funny, we all already knew this. Anyone who has ever experienced an illness or has a condition among its members, or knows someone who has had to deal with this, has already received or heard this advice before. It is now time for us to do something about it!!

Corona is now a battle that concerns us all, so be kind to your body, listen carefully to all advice and follow them too! This is the moment of change, start with yourself, then more will follow!!

This was my last blog for IkPas. I have enjoyed writing five stories that are a reflection of me, my life and my view of health. I was happy to 'fit' for three months and it once again woke me up. I hope I have contributed something, made others wiser or maybe even inspired. Have courage and be kind to yourself and to others.

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