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27 March 2020 / Topical / Blog Jeroen

The last week of this IkPas challenge will start next Monday. For me, the challenge is limited to the weekends, because during the week I hardly ever drink. And this weekend is an hour shorter too; lucky! This '40 days not a drop' feat almost pales in comparison to the challenges we now face on a daily basis. Scarce hands from washing a lot, avoiding everything and everyone on the way to and in the supermarket, keep your children motivated to do their schoolwork. I have the most difficulty with social isolation, that will be the case for many. The one I now encounter most in person, outside my family? That's not my best friend, who I used to play squash with every week. None of my percussion group mates; not the kickboxing trainer, not even my brothers. Certainly not my 82-year-old mother, who came to eat and babysit with us every Tuesday evening. No, it's the lady who works at the bakery and I don't even know her name!

Now that I write this, I realize that this was actually the case before the outbreak of that virus. I see her two to three times a week, everyone else at most once. Hmm.. anyway, I miss everyone! And of course it's getting worse. When I was told that the entire abstinence would not last until the beginning of April but until June, I became despondent for a while. But little by little I manage to accept it. The trainer now makes short instructional videos to keep working on your fitness and technique at home. It did me good to see him again and to hear his voice, even if it's through YouTube. I intend to do a workout like this every day. Furthermore, I eat two apples a day, I try to relax and drink enough; alcohol free of course.

Joh, I don't even bother with not drinking anymore, I notice. When I wrote blogs for IkPas two years ago, our 12.5-year wedding anniversary fell in the middle of that period; was there a beer tasting with all the guys from my group of friends, birthday parties. I wrote that getting through the Easter days alcohol-free will not be a breeze… But of course we're not going anywhere this year and I'm not a heavy drinker at home. Because of the cancellations, I will endure the fairs here at Easter and Ascension and also the King's Day festivities without drinking (too much).

There is a good chance that alcohol will no longer have a significant place in my life after this crisis. Tomorrow, March 29, is 'The Day of the Good Deed'. So do yourself a favor: think about arranging everything differently; like we have to do anyway. Don't be afraid or concerned about things you have no control over or control. Ensure regularity in your daily activities: Get up about the same time, wash your face, have breakfast, exercise regularly - preferably in the open air -, drink enough (tea and water, only take coffee in the morning!) and talk! Speak your fears. But also just talk about what's on your mind. If you don't have anyone to talk to for a while, write it off. Clear your heart, clear your head. That is refreshing.

I wish you a good weekend. Make the best of it.

Regards, Jeroen


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