Dealing with adversity

March 6, 2020 / Topical / Blog Jeroen

As you have read in Jeroen's blog, he has had a nasty and weird week. His friend was in a coma. And that was and is very sad. But a smile and a tear are close together. Jeroen drew the shock and sadness from him.


20 January 2022 / Blog Jeroen

Lost the rhythm

For more than 37 years I have been a member of a percussion ensemble, a percussion group. I live by the words of Frizzle Sizzle: 'Everything has a Rhythm'. A few weeks now,…
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January 13, 2022 / Blog Jeroen

Jeroen and the stars

In general, I don't feel much for following the private lives of musicians and other (tv/radio/web) famous people, such as athletes and movie stars. The less you like the artist…
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