Pleasant: IkPas veteran, athlete and musician Jeroen

26 Feb 2020 / Topical / Blog Jeroen

In 2018 I wrote a number of blogs for IkPas and I think it would be nice to do that again, during the sixth time that I participate in this well-known alcohol break. The organization called me an IkPas veteran two years ago, so that is now definitely a title that 'fits' me. By the way, 'lace on' always reminds me of what a friend of mine often says when asked if he would like a drink: 'well, tear that lace!'

My name is Jeroen, I am 46 years old and married for almost 15 years to my dear Astrid. We have two beautiful teenage daughters, a tough cat and a beautiful life. I like squash and walking and after about 24 years of goalkeeping at futsal, kickboxing has become my number 1 sport. I've been doing that for a year or two now. It is a very intensive sport; good for your whole body, for your condition, reflexes and mindset. As a result, I immediately started paying more attention to my habits; especially with regard to exercise and health, tension and relaxation, eating and…drinking. A kickboxing acquaintance inspired me in early November with his story on Facebook. He had suddenly gone into cardiac arrest and was now fully recovering from a coma.

He concluded his momentous message with 'Don't waste your life. Stay away from poor diet, alcohol, smoking, drugs and avoid negative stress. Exercise, eat healthy and get some rest.' I immediately decided to stop drinking.

For the first time I knit Dry January and the 40-day-no-drop together and I want to continue this detox until Good Friday anyway. That will be quite difficult for me, because I am not yet where I want to be when it comes to relaxing on a free evening at home and socializing with friends and acquaintances at parties and other events. I have been a member of a percussion group for 35 years and I also recently started playing as a percussionist with a cool wind band. With performances we are often in the middle of the festivities and in both clubs there is drinking afterwards.

I will tell you in my blogs about how this period is going for me. See if it becomes a success story or a weak comedy…! I see this blogging as a kind of self-analysis, hopefully with which I will simultaneously motivate and support others who have the same goals and stumbling blocks. I am also very curious about how you experience IkPas and would love it if we could help each other through these channels with tips and experiences. Good luck to everyone; we are going to do this!!!


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