I used to be 'allergic' to schedules. You know everything at a set time. I hated it. No, I like to decide for myself what, where and when. As a result, there was no rhythm at all. Always getting out of bed just in time, looking for keys, telephone and so on at the last minute. The only thing that had rhythm was my drinking. And that wasn't one to be proud of, but… being drunk (almost) every day is a regular life too!

When I decided that the switch had to be turned, it went really well. A schedule came up.

Not like the laundry on Monday, the bathroom on Tuesday and so on. But a handhold. And I do well on it, if I do say so myself.

Go to bed at a fixed time, get up on time, wash and dress immediately and put on shoes! Because shoes on means ACTION. Walking, cycling, shopping: I start with something active! But these days I don't put on my shoes until I go out. I seem to be producing the sound of a runaway elephant on the stairs. And the rest of the family isn't happy about that, especially at 5 in the morning. Other than that, I like this new life.

I am very curious how things will go when life gets back to normal. If we can grab a terrace again and go out for dinner again. I don't celebrate birthdays, but I like a party every now and then. That will be alcohol-free from now on, but that should not spoil the fun. I am really looking forward to spring and summer, the first day of a skirt, swimming in open water, wonderful evenings with the barbecue and sitting in the garden until late. Are there any schedules for that? Sure, and if not, I'll make them myself. And the title of that new scheme? TO ENJOY. With capital letters. Have a nice day to all of you.


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