So many reasons to pause

We recently asked you via the newsletter why you don't drink a drop all month of January. Well, we knew that. The responses poured in. For which we thank you. Below you can read a selection of the emails we received.


Why am I participating? I've participated in 'IkPas' before and it always went easy for me. And yet I always fell back into my old drinking pattern of drinking too much. But this time I was really 'up for it'! There was always a reason to raise the glass. I caught myself secretly drinking too. Of course I regretted it afterwards. However, it never got to the point where I was drunk. When I started to feel dependent on a glass of wine, I also realized that I had to do something with it. To darn! And honestly, I'm glad, so glad I'm participating. I say it out loud at a drink and birthday. I signed up at a gym and am going to work on myself. I know this time it's gonna be alright. It took me a week of sleepless nights, but now I sleep like a baby.

The reason why IkPas in January because I want to show character to my wife, children and children-in-law. 2 daughters and 1 son-in-law have also stopped. So good example, good follow.
I have been aware for a long time that I drink way too much. My reason for participating in IkPas is because I and my
loved ones worry about my fixation on alcohol. Check every day if there is still wine in the house, at what time can I pour the first glass and then keep pouring it… resulting in poor sleep and annoying behaviour. All because of the alcohol. Something had to be done. Then IkPas passed by, thinking I will take on this challenge. Almost two weeks have passed and things are going so well! Life turns out to be pleasant even without alcohol.
I participate in IkPas because I want to break a pattern of drinking a few glasses of wine every day. In addition, I hope that it will provide health benefits such as better sleep.

I pass for the following reasons:

  1. Breaking a habit;
  2. Keeping a good habit and participating in 'I pass';
  3. Experience independence from alcohol;
  4. Giving example;
  5. Experience deeper sleep;
  6. Getting used to saying no to alcohol;
  7. improve skin quality;
  8. My wife does not drink alcohol
  9. Health
  10. Proving to myself that I can stop more and more easily.


I was a sportsman, and now 62. I accept that I can no longer muster what I used to. Drinking has crept in, due to stress with work and targets to be achieved. I love good food and that includes wine, and often champagne. My blood values had indicated for a few years that I was drinking too much. And now that's over. I am healthy, and can be much healthier. So I'm going to break a pattern. The first 40 days of this year I don't drink a drop. However, non-alcoholic wine and that will also be less. I break through my ingrained pattern. I train those kilos off as soon as we have longer days and my blood values get better. My goal is that afterwards I can deal with alcohol in a very controlled way. And that will happen. My entire environment knows that I do this, so that's a stick behind the door.

Dirk & Patrick

The reason that I participate in IkPas / Dry January with my son is simple: tradition and reducing our excessive alcohol consumption with a stick behind the door. The month of December is one of fun, together with family and friends, good food and drinks. Having a wintery culinary neighborhood BBQ on Boxing Day with a different wine with every course. Champagne corks pop louder than fireworks in Koog aan de Zaan… All very nice and tasteful, only the bottle of wine at the normal dinner became two pieces. (there are three adults drinking). With a beer while cooking and a beer afterwards. That's what you get when your son is (or has been) a chef but is still behind the stove at home. Working in the hospitality industry and drinking are a great combination. But also a dangerous one. Because your body gets used to chatting together at night with a drink.

This is our third year participating together. Father of 63 son of 26 years. And it works fine so far. The first week is difficult. Headache, real appetite for beer and wine. In this second week you will really notice a strong improvement in your physical condition. Dirty talk, so watch out: your urine is now crystal clear instead of dark brown from the waste that needs to be removed from your body. I get up fitter. Have a clear head. Sleep better. Less trouble with 'wobbly legs' (also caused by too much sedentary work in combination with little exercise).


All my life, from about the age of 26, I have consumed an alcoholic beverage before meals. Before that I was so anti that I even thought about joining the Blue Knot. I don't know when or how that changed. Now at the age of 68, while I am aware of it, I drink 5 glasses of wine a night and I lie in bed at night with a pounding heart, but just as cheerfully I pour myself another drink at 5 pm the next day. I link it to fun, while I love to change it. So that's why I'm participating, last year and the time before that I didn't succeed, now it's going well.
I was more than fed up with my routine of 3 glasses of wine and accompanying cheese or so. I drink and snack too much. That's why I'm way overweight. All thanks to a habit. The button is over and with IkPas I'm turning the whole thing around. The question is: 'How long can I last?'
At the moment I'm fine, I'm sleeping fine and I feel 'awake'. It's amazing that not drinking alcohol has such an effect.


There are several reasons why I take a month off with alcohol:

– I like it too much and drink more and more without noticing it. I don't want that for health reasons.
– I don't want to participate in the social habit, I actually think it's very strange that we think alcohol is so normal.
– I want to control my brain when it comes to unhealthy temptations.
– I want to break through that a nice glass of wine or beer is a reward for myself and that it is part of socializing.
I pass together with my wife, because drinking alcohol became too much of a habit and to get through the week fitter. My wife also has the reason that she wants to lose some weight.
For the third year I wear my wristband from IkPas. Bright blue, everyone sees it and says something about it. It doesn't color everything but it stands out :)
I will continue to participate faithfully, simply because I want to. We are retired, enjoy a terrace in the summer and spend a lot of time at home because we enjoy being together. Every afternoon we drink almost an entire bottle of wine. It's a rarity that we skip that. But we don't drink in January. It is not difficult at all and I sometimes wonder if the daily habit of drinking a bottle of wine can be changed. Yes, that's possible. After January we drink significantly less, do two days with one bottle. But when spring comes, summer, nice weather, the temptation for a glass of cold rosé or Chardonnay is very great!
But we do our best! Another glass in the afternoon, tea in the evening. Our generation grew up on booze and cigarettes
(we haven't smoked for 25 years). And that it is more fun with alcohol is not an argument. We're having fun now too!
So reduce after January and next year just Dry January again!
I started IkPas because I drink way too much and because I feel it's not good for me. Since my husband passed away, now 6 years ago, it has increased. I don't start drinking until the evening usually by 9pm unless I have to go somewhere. I then drink a bottle of white wine and feel good about it. I never drink during the day, I don't even like it. My brother died of alcohol, my grandfather was an alcoholic and so were two of my uncles. I have told everyone that I participate in IkPas. It has failed 4 times since January 2. The tips like going for a walk outside or calling someone don't apply when it's that late. But hey, I'll try again tonight!

The reason I'm participating is the following: I was aware that I drank several beers every day with my friends, and of course a few at home in the evening. In November I was hospitalized for the treatment of pneumonia. At a certain point the ward doctor comes by and makes a wrist movement towards the mouth, remarking that 'this could be a little less' according to the laboratory results. Call it a wake-up call. Now I've been dry since the dismissal, with this challenge as a stick behind the door.


Only this month, because I actually drink too much. I don't drink every day, I can't because of work in healthcare. But when I drink, I often can't stick to 1 or 2 glasses. I also notice that I can't handle it very well anymore. I also want to show my 18-year-old daughter that I can live without alcohol.


I am 76 years old and still feel fine. I would like to keep that up as long as possible. I have a lot of interests and still do a lot. Play the piano, paint, make objects, etc. We moved to Spain after my retirement. In short, being able to live a longer healthy life with an occasional glass of wine.


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