This is how you build self-control on part I

Does saying 'no' to alcohol take the utmost of you every time? Then this item is made for you. Because the tips you read below will help you increase your self-control. That is not only useful for this challenge, but always!

In the 1970s, psychologist Walter Mischel of Stanford University demonstrated a link between self-control and success in life with his 'marshmallow test'. He did this by leaving children alone in a room full of goodies. If they called the researcher back into the room as soon as they wanted a candy, they got one marshmallow. The kids who managed to wait twenty minutes got two. The study followed the participating children into adulthood. The results were astonishing: the children who were able to self-control at a young age later proved more successful in many areas. In short, mastering yourself pays off. Source:

Tips to develop self-control

Self-control is a quality we are not born with, but a skill we can teach ourselves. That is good news, because it means that self-control is something in which you can continue to develop yourself. Do you want to learn to control yourself better and easily reach the finish line of this alcohol break? These tips will help you:

  1. Keep your goal in mind

Sounds simple, but it helps. Always keep the higher goal in mind: no alcohol for a month. You will sleep better, get fitter, in shape come, shine and above all: enjoy a new, energetic you. That is your glorious victory!

  1. Step-by-step

Okay, the higher purpose is always in the back of your mind. But to achieve that, you set yourself a smaller goal every day. For example: today I don't drink alcohol. This way you can check off a small milestone every day. And again a success, check!

  1. Celebrate your successes

This tip is an extension of the previous one. Did you achieve your goal for the day? Then reward yourself with something small, such as an extensive spa or your favorite meal. Did you take a break all week? Give yourself that new book you've wanted for so long. Visualize how you're going to celebrate the moment you round off your alcohol break (preferably not with a bottle of bubbly, but hey, it's your party). Consciously reflecting on your successes helps to persevere and to achieve your goal.

Cliffhanger: in the next newsletter you will read the other 3 tips!


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