Sense of alcohol: this is how you sit down

Throughout the weekend, you'll turn down every alcoholic snack, only to be overtaken by a heavy alcohol craving on an ordinary Monday. Recognizable? This feeling is also called a craving called: the irresistible urge for that which you had just renounced. How do you arm yourself against an unexpectedly flare-up for alcohol? These 4 tips will help you deal with desire.

Anyone who has ever tried to quit smoking, eating sweets, drinking, or any other habit knows that there are times when you have to get pretty firm to ignore the little voice inside you screaming for that cigarette or piece of cake. That also applies to the little voice that tells you that you simply earned that drink after a busy working week. How do you deal with the alcohol craving that can surprise you unexpectedly?

These tips will help you deal with moments of hunger (source:

  1. Pull(t) away by itself

The longing for that one beer or wine can be very strong. Then it helps to know that the feeling of craving usually does not last longer than 30 minutes. With that knowledge, you can undergo the trek. You will notice that the craving for a glass of alcohol rises and disappears like a wave.

  1. Find distraction

Do you feel a strong pull coming on and are you afraid that you will go for the axe? Find distraction! Go for a run or turn up your favorite playlist and enjoy yourself. Moving is the best way to move your senses.

  1. Enlist the support of friends or family

Are you determined to stop drinking alcohol (for a period of time) and are you looking for extra support for the difficult moments? Tell your family and friends about your plans and ask for their support, this is how you create a big stick. A good conversation with a friend, sister or uncle can give you the push to persevere!

  1. train your mind

Now that you know that cravings - however strong - will pass, you can stop and think about the thoughts you have when you experience cravings. For example, the thought 'pull is irresistible' does not help you through the difficult moments. Besides, it's just a thought, it's not reality. Instead, train yourself to think a positive thought, such as, "The cravings aren't pleasant, but they will go away on their own, even if I don't drink alcohol."

An irresistible craving can often overwhelm you in the beginning. By arming yourself against this, these difficult moments become less frequent and less intensive. That makes you a little more in control of your appetite every time!



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