Wednesday Facts: you didn't know this yet

This Wednesday, we'll surprise you with some new facts about alcohol. Read smarter about alcohol and your vision, alcohol and the drop in your body temperature and the mental hangover after drinking alcohol.

Alcohol affects your vision.

It is well known that you will see double when you have looked too deeply into the glass. And did you also know that if you have the maximum allowed amount of alcohol in your blood, you see about 30% less contrast? While driving, this means that you are less likely to distinguish the difference between light and dark objects.

Alcohol also affects your peripheral vision. And this can lead to tunnel vision. This makes you less aware of what is happening around you. Driving under the influence is in any case extremely dangerous and driving under the influence at night because of the dark is possibly even more dangerous. Get a BOB or stick to tea, water and soda. Source: and

Alcohol lowers your body temperature.

One of the invisible consequences of drinking (too much) alcohol is that your blood vessels dilate. This causes you to get a red head while drinking alcohol, among other things. Because when your blood vessels dilate, they are also more visible. And not only does your head take on a red color as a result, your body temperature also drops thanks to the widened blood vessels. In addition, alcohol suppresses the nervous system, which disrupts the perception of cold.

Alcohol can make you feel depressed after drinking.

You drink several glasses of alcohol. The hangover later consists not only of a headache, but also of a depressed feeling. You feel downright bad after your splurge. How this is possible depends on the person and the situation. But it's worth trying not to drink for a while. To examine your basic feeling. Are you gloomy about something? Alcohol has an emotional boost. Suppressing your feelings with the help of alcohol is pointless.

By drinking alcohol you fight the symptoms (depressive feelings) and not the cause. In other words, alcohol doesn't solve anything. It provides temporary relief. Because the problem persists and tolerance to the sedating effect of alcohol develops, you need more and more alcohol to avoid feeling gloomy and/or anxious feelings. You end up in a vicious circle and develop an unhealthy drinking pattern.

Talk to someone about it if you're not feeling well.





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