Wednesday Facts: you didn't know this yet

Having a hangover, fighting a hangover, ways not to get too drunk and alcohol and your brain: even today you read a lot smarter.

A hangover is caused by a lack of fluids.

The main culprit behind a hangover is fluid loss, also known as thirst. Alcohol encourages your kidneys to excrete extra fluids. This means you have to urinate more often and your body dries out. The loss of fluid makes you feel weak and tired, and causes a dry (not too good smelling) mouth. Furthermore, dehydration causes the fluid that is between your brain and skull to disappear. As a result, your brain 'bumps' against your skull, which is quite painful.

Another cause of your headaches and a shaky feeling the day after is 'acetaldehyde'. This toxic substance is created during the breakdown of alcohol. Your body also tries to break down this substance as quickly as possible. Do you have a major headache and difficulty keeping your glass of water upright? Then these are two indications that not all acetaldehyde has been removed yet.

You fight a hangover with water.

What a great evening. It's a pity that you have to pay for that cosiness with a big headache, upset stomach, dry mouth and flabby legs. What to do about the hangover symptoms?

-Drink a lot of water. But really a lot. Your body is severely dehydrated.

-Peace. Take your rest. Don't beat yourself up and listen to your body.

-Healthy food. Bananas naturally have an acid-inhibiting effect, which calms your stomach and reduces nausea. In addition, a banana for 70% consists of water and such a healthy golden yellow rascal helps to rehydrate your body.

-Fresh air. If you can and if you can: take a good walk. Don't forget your big bottle of water!


That way you don't get too drunk too quickly.

There are a lot of ways to not get too drunk too quickly. Not drinking is one of them. But yeah, sometimes it just happens. So what do you do to prevent yourself from lying under your duvet like a sick bird all day the next day?

- Make an agreement with yourself about how many glasses you want to drink and what kind of drink you are going to drink.

-Alternate a glass of alcohol with a glass of water/soda/juice/zero point (remember that moisture deficiency).

-Don't drink alcohol when you're thirsty. Spoiler: alcohol will only make you more thirsty.

- Drink very consciously. When the perfect opportunity presents itself and only when you really, really want to. Need even more tips? then click here.

The hangover is the consequence of a mild form of alcohol poisoning.

The Korsakov Syndrome is an extreme form of brain damage, but even a (one-off) form of alcohol poisoning can already be harmful to the brain. It is good to realize that a hangover is also a (mild) form of alcohol poisoning. The next day you may experience memory problems, concentration problems, fatigue and confusion. Severe alcohol poisoning (such as can occur during binge drinking or binge drinking) is very dangerous in the moment itself: the alcohol can numb your nervous system, causing your breathing to stop, resulting in death. Even if you survive an alcohol poisoning and are fully conscious again, you can suffer from the aforementioned complaints for a longer period of time.


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