Where does that energy go?

March 9, 2022 / Topical / Background

You have put your alcohol consumption on hold and can't wait for you too to experience the positive effects of temporarily stopping drinking. Bring on that weight loss, that glowing skin, that better night's sleep and that energy for ten! But to your horror - except for the hangover-free mornings - you don't notice much of all those benefits. In fact; you feel mostly tired, tired, tired. Recognizable? Don't be afraid, it will be fine!

A frequently mentioned reason why people participate in IkPas is that they want to feel fitter. Perhaps this was also one of the positive effects you were counting on when you started your alcohol break. Instead, you feel lifeless and tired. Recognizable? Don't panic, that energy kick will eventually hit. Feeling a bit more tired in the beginning is quite normal. We are happy to explain to you why.

Fatigue due to poor sleep

The fatigue that you can feel in the first period of your alcohol break is mainly due to a poorer night's sleep. Because although not drinking will eventually give you a better night's sleep, it may be that you sleep worse in the beginning. Poorer sleep is a mild withdrawal symptom that can affect you more or less, depending on the amount of alcohol you drank before your break. This is because drinking alcohol disrupts your natural sleep rhythm. Your body then needs time to bring this back into balance.

Source: alcoholinfo.nl

In addition to fatigue due to poor sleep, other withdrawal symptoms can be: sweating, nausea, headache, increased blood pressure, feeling restless, gloom, listlessness, tense, muscle cramps or trembling hands.

No nightcap, but still a good night's sleep

Do you feel more tired at the moment and is this mainly because you do not fall asleep as well? These tips will help you improve your sleep.

  • Now that you know that sleeping poorly in the beginning is quite normal, it may become easier to accept this temporary discomfort. You can be sure that before the end of your alcohol break you will experience how 100% wakes up rested.
  • Despite the fatigue, stick to your usual day and night rhythm. Sleeping during the day makes falling asleep at night even more difficult.
  • move enough; exercise or take a brisk walk. This way you go to bed in the evening with a satisfied feeling and falling asleep becomes easier.
  • Consciously reduce your activities in the evening. And don't take a phone with you in bed, but read a book to relax.
  • Teach yourself some relaxation techniques. Use this when you lie awake in bed. Even if you don't sleep at that moment, you do relax.

The above tips will help you fall asleep more easily and sleep better. At least: until your body finds a natural sleep rhythm again. Because from then on, better sleep will come naturally. And with that better night's sleep, comes a renewed energy. In addition, continue to eat healthy and you will soon know exactly what all your fellow breakers mean by the benefits of not drinking!


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