Looking ahead: this is how you cut down

November 17, 2022 / Topical / Background

You are still on pause at the moment. Nevertheless, we are happy to look ahead with you. Because in a week and a half it will be December 1th. A new month in which you might drink again? A festive month even. You can read here how to keep it tidy with regard to your alcohol consumption after your break.

Sometimes 'not at all' is easier than 'not quite'. This means that it is easier for some people not to drink at all than to drink a little or occasionally. After NeeVember, December arrives. A month that depends on the parties. And then cutting back can be difficult. Still, there are quite a few tips that can help you moderate your alcohol consumption. Use it to your advantage!

Don't bring it home

What isn't there can't be done. Skip all the drink offers and treat yourself instead to that tasty smoothie, a hot chocolate (with whipped cream?) or something else - without alcohol - that you like to drink or eat.

Skip a party here and there

Do you find it difficult to say 'no' at every party? Then be selective in the parties you visit. And make agreements with yourself when you want to drink or not. An agreement can be: at my work Christmas party I stick to fresh or alcohol-free, but on my mother's birthday I drink two glasses of wine. Tips for saying 'no' can be found here: Saying no to alcohol during the holidays.

Find the perfect alternative

'Just cutting back' sounds easier than it often is in reality. Especially in a month like December. What can help is finding the perfect alternative for you. Have you further developed your non-alcoholic taste in recent weeks? Or are you still looking? Because there is a lot of choice. From kombucha to non-alcoholic gins. Maybe this is something for you:

Tasty alternatives without sugar

Alternatives from IkPas participants

Alternatives to the nightcap

This is what you want to drink: 3 x alternative drink trends

Are you a bit apprehensive about the month of December, in which you celebrate a party here and there without (too much) alcohol? Don't worry, you're not alone in that. And we also wrote an article about this earlier: 'Celebrating a party without alcohol and with self-confidence



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