Safe in traffic, so also on the e-bike

A little e-bike goes 25 kilometers per hour. About twice as fast as a regular bicycle. Research shows that 1 in 5 e-bike users jumps on his or her electric bicycle with a sip. And that's not convenient.

Stella Cycling asked 3000 respondents about their alcohol use in combination with their e-bike use. What seems? 1 in 5 gets on an e-bike after drinking a few glasses of alcohol. Safe Traffic Netherlands is not a good thing. 'Because', says the social organisation, 'the alcohol reduces your responsiveness and alertness. This can create dangerous situations and increase the risk of accidents.' If you consider that you are also not allowed to cycle while intoxicated, then it is logical that you should not drive an e-bike with alcohol. Source:

Number of per mille

But what is intoxicated? Or when is it still safe to drive an e-bike? You may not have more than 0.5 promille alcohol in your blood for driving a car or motorcycle. And when driving an (electric) bicycle or scooter, the alcohol level in your blood may not exceed 0.5 per mille. But it is best, of course, to stick to the 0% alcohol policy. So safe for yourself and other road users.

How many glasses of beer represent 0.5 per mille?

Exactly how much you can drink depends on your gender, build and weight. But there is a rule of thumb: as an ordinary (experienced) car driver you can drink (approximately) 2 glasses of beer, as a novice driver at most 1 glass of beer. For a novice driver, a blood alcohol level of 0.2 applies.




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