Enjoy the sun without alcohol

June 19, 2022 / Topical / Background

Isn't it nice, that sun? Sitting in the garden, barbecuing, maybe even a splash in an (inflatable) swimming pool. Yes, summer in the Netherlands is a lot of fun. And as is often the case when it is fun, some alcohol is drunk. Cozy yes, but handy…?

Does it just seem that way or does that cold beer taste extra good in the sun? Well, that may well be true. It has to do with atmosphere, with company, with your (good) mood… all cheerful motives for drinking. And somehow that alcohol also hits you a little harder. Or are you just imagining that? That's something we can debunk. You don't get tipsy faster when you're out in the sun. So you don't get drunk faster from the sun. It is true that you get more thirsty because you are hot. And then you drink another one. And another one. And one more then…

Because we are still at the beginning of summer - it hasn't even officially started - you have to get used to the sun. Because it already shines with great power. So make no mistake. If you don't protect your head and neck enough, you risk getting sunstroke. With a sunstroke, the body becomes too hot and too dry. The temperature of your brain gets out of balance and that causes a stabbing pain in your head. By drinking alcohol in addition, you speed up this process. Because alcohol removes moisture from your body.

Preventing sunstroke or dehydration

Cover your head with a cap, hat or cloth

Make sure your neck is also protected

wear sunglasses

Drink 2 liters of fluid a day

Moderate or do not drink alcohol in the sun

Still caught up in the heat?

get out of the sun

Put wet cloths on your head and on your neck

Put a fan right next to you

Have some ORS (rehydrating agent – a remedy that replenishes salt levels so you can retain moisture better)


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