Tips for break buddies

11 March 2020 / Topical / Background

You're not a big drinker of alcohol, but you fit in. You may be doing this because someone else has asked you to join. Because fitting together is nicer, nicer and better. After all, together you are strong. Here are some tips that can help you as a 'buddy'.

We have received questions via email from 'buddies', who would like to know how they can best support their partner/friend/niece/brother/neighbor/tennis buddy or anyone else during their alcohol break. Good question! Here are some tips.

  • Always positive

A buddy is and always remains positive. Has the person you support had a rough time? Listen to this and respond understandingly. Show that you are proud of the other person because he or she has resisted the temptation.

  • What if it goes wrong?

It may be that the other one goes for the axe. A buddy doesn't judge someone. Talk about it together and see how it came to be that the other drank alcohol. Think together about how to prevent this in the future. See tip 3.

  • Think of alternatives

In order not to be tempted to drink alcohol at home or anywhere, it is good to think about tasty alternatives together. Make sure you have tea, soft drinks or water at home or that you have some alternatives in mind that you could order in a cafe, at an event or during a dinner. Don't you have any inspiration? Then take a look at our recipe page.

  • go together

Does the other person dread a certain evening/meeting, a certain dinner or event? If at all possible, you could visit this event or occasion together. Being together physically strengthens the buddy effect. Does this not work? Let him or her know that you can be reached. Calling can also help.

  • Make up a savings goal

Set a savings goal together. A reward you both deserve when the 40 days are up. Maybe you've always wanted to experience a helicopter flight together? High tea? On a painting course? New rods? Just fill in. A goal is good for motivation.

Good luck!


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