Tips from Petra Moes

Do not drink alcohol for a month. A piece of cake for some, a chore for others. But whether it comes easy or difficult, tips are always welcome. And because Petra is bursting with tips, here are some well-intentioned advice. Use it to your advantage.

Petra Moes is no stranger to IkPas. She is the initiator of 'The Art of Sober Living'. For years she has been guiding people who want to break patterns around their alcohol behaviour

TIP 1 If it is difficult not to drink, do the checklist.

– Am I hungry? > then eat a sandwich or fruit or just eat earlier.

– Am I thirsty? > drink water or tea.

– Am I tired? > rest! A nap on the couch or in the comfortable chair.

– Are there emotions? > angry? > afraid? > happy? > sad? Then be aware of that, it does not have to go away, recognize what is there, that ensures relaxation.

TIP 2 If you use alcohol to quickly achieve something.

– From tension to relaxation > move, read, talk to someone, from your head and to your body, nice tea, listen to music, take your time.

– Looking for reward > what is real reward for you? What makes you happy? Buy a present! Have a dinner delivered, buy delicious alcohol-free alternatives.

-Seeking comfort > what is true food for you, what lies beneath the craving for alcohol? Company? A listening ear? Reach out to others and speak out.

TIP 3 When bored or if you find it boring.

The experience of boredom or dullness is often a feeling of emptiness. What can be very pleasant is to do something that is 'useless' and for which you need some brain activity. All kinds of things can then be processed in the 'background', for example to digest the working day. This also works well when you come home from work. It concerns things such as: colours, puzzles, sudoku; s, knitting, fishing, etc. It has been proven that these kinds of activities can have the same kind of effect as meditation.

TIP 4 When outside pressure / when people want to persuade you..

Most important thing to remember: KEEP IT SIMPLE it's NO BIG DEAL

– Don't justify or explain, it's just 'I'm not drinking right now'.

– What are you going to drink? Take it with you or make sure you have it at home.

– If there is genuine interest: start the conversation at a time and place that suits you.

– If it is really difficult because of the pressure of others: go home on time, if necessary with an excuse.

– How would you like the response? Can you ask for that?

TIP 5 Parties without alcohol.

Not really one for now topic, but later, if the weather is allowed, maybe.

-You don't have to go anywhere. Be picky about which party or venue you attend. And give appointments with people you would like to see in a different way. Take a forest walk together, for example.

-Be patient with yourself. Even without alcohol you can go wild on the dance floor. It might just take a little longer.

-Do you find yourself beginning to collapse? Do you think it's getting boring? Bring a fun and interesting topic to the table.

-Retreat to the toilet if you are not feeling well. And remind yourself why you want to be here.

- Did you think it was beautiful at a certain point? Just go home. A short(er) visit or evening out is also of value.

Source: / Who are you if you stop drinking / Interview with Petra Moes

TIP 6 If your partner continues to drink.

-If the other person doesn't want to, don't bother him or her with it either. It is your personal process.

-Find a friend with whom you can discuss this.

-See this person as a 'buddy' someone who supports you and who may be of help to you.

And do not forget:

Not drinking is on the one hand easy, on the other hand, it is about changing a habit. And that is quite difficult.

It doesn't always have to be fun or nice. Sometimes it's not so much fun. That is about. Then think about how proud you can be when you wake up in the morning with a clear head.




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