Tips now that the bars are opening again

After a long shutdown of the catering industry, cafes, bars and restaurants are allowed to open their doors again for their customers. How do you walk into that bar? What can you do to relax in a restaurant now that you've put your alcohol consumption on a break? What do you order in your favorite cafe? Don't worry, we give tips.

After a long time, the time has come. You can go back to the pub. With your friends. But you don't drink. And now?

Dealing with pressure

'Ah come on, one can't hurt, can it?', 'Come on cock, have a drink with us', 'We won't tell anyone'. Your friends like to see you have a beer or something to drink. You used to enjoy doing this too. Now your alcohol consumption is on pause. Keep in mind that it's okay to say no. And just in case, have a few witty answers handy. Maybe there's something here for you?

-I like life too much.

-I can not stand it. It gives me red spots and hemorrhoids.

-I'm too young.

-If I drank, nothing would be fun and everything would become problematic.

- It makes me sleepy. And then suddenly my face is on the table.

- You look so pale from alcohol the next day and I have to take a picture tomorrow.

I find sick livers so unattractive.

-You know I make even better jokes without booze?

- Tried it once. Got a headache. Such a pity.

-Water seems to be the new beer.

If you're concerned about what "the rest are thinking," confide in a step buddy and ask him or her to openly support you when it comes down to it.

Think ahead

You almost automatically order a beer at the bar. But that kite won't fly. It is therefore good to think about a thirst quencher that you can drink before entering your favorite pub. A few tips:

-Check in advance what non-alcoholic products they sell in the bar where you have agreed.

-Make sure you know what you are going to order and order it without hesitation. You have nothing to be ashamed of.

- Suppose there has just been a run on orange. And you want an orange, but are told it's gone. What now? Have a backup drink.

Think of the benefits

We're the last to say going out without alcohol is just as festive. In our culture, alcohol is inextricably linked with conviviality. It is difficult to separate these two things from each other. So no, spending the evening sober can be a challenge. But you also know, as well as we do, that the benefits ultimately outweigh the drawbacks. We list them for you:

-Have good conversations with your buddies.

-No strange actions, because sober you have yourself better under control.

-No dead birds in your mouth the next morning.

-No headaches.

-Enough energy to do the shopping, help the neighbor, call your mother, buy a present, pay bills or take the dog for a long walk.

-No tired head with bloodshot eyes.

-A liver that can do its job well without the interference of alcohol.

-More money in your wallet. Those few drinks cost next to nothing.

And that's why you take a break!





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