Better dreams during your alcohol break

6 Nov 2022 / Topical / Background

Last week you were able to read that an alcohol break makes you sleep better. We can add that during an alcohol break you dream more calmly, more pleasantly and 'better'. Here you can read why.

Your sleep cycle consists of deep sleep, REM sleep, and light sleep. Especially the middle part - REM sleep - is important, because this is the time when your muscles are completely relaxed and you process your day. You really need that sleep to be able to perform again the next day. If you crawl under the wool with a few glasses on, the alcohol ensures that REM sleep starts later and lasts less. And that means a broke feeling the next day, less concentration and maybe a shorter fuse.

In addition, alcohol has a bad influence on your dream behavior. You dream much less. You do dream something, but they are not the most vivid dreams, nor are they the most important. The special thing about all this is that the night after you have drunk you can experience the most intense and intense dreams. Your brain seems to want you to experience some sort of compensation dream. Because the night before you didn't manage to get your REM sleep for this to make the most of it, it does so the next night.

Now that you pause, your body goes through the sleep cycle the way it's supposed to and your brain gets a chance to work through the day as it should. For now: that's it. For later: sleep well!

To have a nightcap or not?

Yes, the nightcap can help you fall asleep earlier. No, it does not improve sleep quality. It even messes up your sleep cycle. Luckily there are plenty alternatives for that famous nightcap.



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