Time left? 20 Things You Could Do!

January 21, 2020 / Topical / Background

Nu je de alcohol even laat voor wat ‘ie is, kom je er misschien achter dat je tijd overhoudt. Want stiekem kost ‘drinken’ best veel tijd. Gedurende de pauzeperiode wil je deze herwonnen tijd goed besteden kunnen wij ons voorstellen. Hoe? Nou, misschien vind je hier wel je nieuwe hobby of tijdverdrijf.

From planning drinks outings, to traveling to and from happy hour, choosing drinks, thinking about what kind of drink you are going to bring into your house, the hours of actually drinking (think of night outs and other festivities), coming home afterwards, sleeping in and the time you spend in bed (with a hangover). All in all, drinking takes up quite a bit of time. We found twenty ways to pass the time and are happy to explain to you why they can do so much good for you.

  1. Mindfulness

mindfulness gaat over het richten van je aandacht: uit je hoofd- in je lijf. Het gaat over voelen hoe het nu met je is en daar zorgzaam mee om te gaan (met jezelf dus). Door het oefenen met mindfulness leer je om anders (gezonder) om te gaan met stress en cravings. En dat is echt handig als je een alcoholpauze hebt. Er zijn allerhande apps (bijvoorbeeld VGZ mindfulness app, of Insight Timer) en cursussen te vinden.

  1. Self-defense or martial arts

Een uurtje oefenen met ‘crossen’, ‘jabben’ of ‘high-kicks’ geeft je zowel een mentale als een fysieke boost. Geef alles en je zult zien dat je er letterlijk en figuurlijk sterker van wordt.

  1. Gardening

Work in the garden. Studies show that digging into the earth has an incredible anti-anxiety effect.

  1. read

So much more time for so many more books. Eating letters instead of drinking drinks. Better right?

  1. Theme park

Fancy a kick or need a rush? Visit an amusement park with some challenging roller coasters. Feel the adrenaline!

  1. Up the paths, into the avenues

Hiking boots, nose in the wind and go! Good for mind, body & soul. At the end of your walk, treat yourself to a delicious hot cup of tea or chocolate milk.

  1. Kitchen prince(ss)

Join a cooking club. Together you make the tastiest dishes and they will also be happy with your new hobby at home.

  1. Trains without destination

Take the first train that arrives at the station and get off at the terminus. That will be a day full of surprises.

  1. spinning

Cycling hard, loud music, working hard: after a spinning class you can take on the whole world.

  1. Start your own business

Always dreamed of owning your own company? Now is the time to work on it. Write a business plan and take the first steps.

  1. Working as a volunteer

Do you feel restless? Are you bored? Suits doing good good with you? Sign up as a volunteer. Put a smile on someone else's face. That does a person good.

  1. take a dog

Lekker wandelen, kroelen op de bank, naar (puppy)cursus: een hond vergt veel tijd, komt dat even goed uit:). Maar een hond lenen, is natuurlijk net zo goed een optie. Wel de lusten, niet lasten?

  1. Swimming

In the water, all your worries will disappear. Good for body and mind.

  1. To climb

Challenge yourself by doing something you wouldn't otherwise do. Maybe you've never done wall climbing? Do you even suffer from a little fear of heights? Ask a buddy and push your own limits.

  1. DIY

Have you been annoyed by that not-so-color in the hallway for years? That empty space under the closet? That crooked tile in the bathroom? Roll up your sleeves and tackle those annoyances.

  1. Subtle DIY

Also DIY, but more subtle, is coloring for adults, crochet, diamond painting or, for example, sticker mosaic. You really have your head elsewhere for a while.

  1. Bicycles

It's in the shed, it has two wheels and it's waiting for you...Cycling is relaxing. You go somewhere by bike. Nice to do alone and maybe even more fun with two.

  1. Diary

At the end of the day, write how it went. What was nice? What went less? What are you grateful for? Writing is therapeutic. Real.

  1. Library

Visit the library. In the morning, very early when everyone is running and rushing. Grab a newspaper and read it from front to back. And then another one, because you can. Because you are bursting with time.

  1. grab a movie

Normally you may not allow it yourself or find that you don't have time for it. Now there is no excuse. And you can eat as much popcorn as you want.

Natuurlijk zijn er nog veel meer hobby’s en andere vormen van tijdverdrijf te bedenken. Het gaat erom dat je iets doet waar je al langere tijd je gedachten over laat gaan. Nu is je kans, want er is tijd en waarschijnlijk ook budget (al die niet-gekochte biertjes en flessen wijn; tel uit je winst!). Een pauzeperiode betekent voor veel mensen namelijk ook dat ze geld overhouden. Pak je kans!


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