Sitting at home and moving

We people like to sit and a lot. From all that sitting we not only get thicker buttocks, but also weaker muscles. So we have to take action every now and then. Because movement strengthens you physically and mentally. Because working from home is still the message, in this article you will find tips to keep moving at your desk.

Various studies have found a link between prolonged sitting and an increased risk of premature death and diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, depression and obesity. Uninviting isn't it? Good news: you can counteract these risks by exercising for an hour every day. Can't you manage that? There is also a lot to be gained by getting up and walking around every half hour. Download one of the following free apps and you won't forget your mini-break: Sitting Timer (Android) or Stand Up! The Work Break Timer (iOS).

Breath in breath out

A little yoga makes you more flexible and a little more zen. The Daily Yoga App (Android and iOS) offers three free sessions of office yoga. Each session lasts about ten to fifteen minutes. Sitting exercises are alternated with standing exercises.

Hundred times active behind your PC

Download the app 100 Office Workouts for your Android phone in the Google Play Store. You get no less than a hundred exercises that you can perform sitting or standing behind your desk. It's a complete workout guide that includes stretching, stretching and anti-rsi exercises, as well as strength training for advanced users. Don't have an Android phone? The guide can also be downloaded as a PDF.

Without app and with full conviction

Just want some movement, but no apps and states? You can do these five exercises every half hour behind your computer.

1. Squeeze buttocks

Tightening the glutes is an effective way to strengthen your buttocks.

How? Squeeze your buttocks together, hold for 5 to 10 seconds, then relax again.

2. With straight leg in it

Keep your leg straight. Lift your leg up. Hold it in the air for a moment, lower it, but don't touch the ground before lifting it back up. Do this about 15 times per leg.

3. Tap, tap, tap

Grab your favorite playlist and put your feet on the ground. Are you ready for a challenge? Stand and tap a box on the floor with your feet alternately. Do this for ten minutes.

4. Chair Rolls

Have you upgraded your home office with a desk chair on wheels? Then move your chair back a bit and grab the table with outstretched arms. Lift your legs (so that you tighten your abs) and pull yourself to the desk and back again.

5. Shaking hands is allowed

But only with yourself. Interlock your hands so that one thumb is pointing up and the other pointing down. Then pull as hard as you can, but make sure your hands stay in the same place. Hold for ten seconds, relax, and repeat.



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