The best of: random break benefits

January 27, 2023 / Topical / Background

There are a lot of benefits to taking a break, not all of which fall into one category. But which are very pleasant to experience and are therefore more than worth mentioning. Read through all these 'random' benefits and start the weekend with a smile.

Pure profit: a break period makes money

Based on previous IkPas editions, it appears that 55% of the participants saves money during the break period. Such savings paves the way for fulfilling a long-cherished wish, such as, for example: buying those perfect, but expensive, jeans, investing in high-quality wireless headphones or providing all the lamps in the house with LED lighting. Whatever your goal, achieving it suddenly goes a lot faster when you temporarily leave the alcohol.

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An alcohol break creates more time

Now that you leave the alcohol for what it is, you may find that you have time left. Because secretly 'drinking' takes quite a lot of time. During the break period you want to spend this time well, we can imagine. How? Well, you might just find your new hobby or pastime here.

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Leading by example makes sense

More than thirty percent of the participants of previous IkPas editions indicated that 'setting a good example to young people' was one of the reasons why they deliberately wanted to take a break. The post-test showed that 43% also experienced this effectively. This gives children the message, among other things, that drinking alcohol is a choice.

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